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About Us

"We are a functional training studio orientated around training humans according to their biological characteristics.

The human body is genetically coded to walk, run and throw. Training that does not respect our biological blueprint will lead to pain, compression, and degeneration over time. Training that respects our nature, will lead to improved functionality, decreased pain, healthier bodies and longer lives."

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Lydia Marcucci
Human Biomechanics Specialist 2

"I have been working in the health care industry for 22 years. I have experience working with all age ranges and athletic abilities. 

I started as a nurse's aide, then became a massage therapist and then a chiropractic assistant. I helped people recovering from surgeries, and with injuries and chronic pain. The work I did put a band-aide on the problem, but I wasn't helping people solve any problems or regenerate their bodies.

I attended Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, NH and received an Associates in Science and Nursing. I started working for Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Portsmouth NH, as a orthopedic and injury rehabilitation RN.

During that time, I injured my back, and for years suffered from chronic pain. Nothing I tried worked- including my own knowledge. 

I discovered Functional Patterns and I haven't looked back. Because of FP my back pain is gone, and I keep getting stronger, even as I age.  I am more resilient and better able to deal with life's stressors. 

I pursued further education through Functional Patterns. It was a better investment than my college degree because I now have system of helping people that truly works.

It's a system that doesn't put a band-aide on the problem. A treatment method with no side-effects. A solution to the problem of pain and dysfunction.

My clients who dedicate themselves to their program continue to become pain free, and feel and move better. 

Functional Patterns Verified Practitioner


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Brikeno Fusha

Human Biomechanics Specialist Lvl 2

Since childhood, movement has interested me, so I decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology at Bridgewater State University.

The problem with my education was that the techniques I learned in college never kept me permanently out of pain. They did not address the system. I had recurring pain in my ankles, knees, lower and upper back, and shoulders. 


By the end of college, I heard about Functional Patterns and began my education with them. FP is a system that actually addresses the body systematically. People of all ages were getting out of chronic pain and making major structural changes also.


After college I joined Equinox as a personal trainer. I objectively saw how my collegiate course material was ineffective when applied onto clientele. This led me  to work with an HBS practitioner in Boston, and I transitioned my entire client base onto a system that did not work just in theory, it eliminated chronic pain and changed my client's structures significantly.  


I am now a licensed Functional Patterns practitioner. FP has given me the ability to remain objective in problem solving by addressing the system as a whole and not the symptoms. I have been dominantly pain free since starting FP and I am continuously gaining functional muscle and connection, without ever needing to stretch. 


Functional Patterns Verified Practitioner

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