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Gait Results

"Analyzing gait is a way to see where the dysfunctions are in the body and to create a training strategy roadmap."

Back stiffness gone in 62 year old client. Mobility/flexibility improved.

8 month posture results at 1X/week.

Back pain gone in 40 year old client.

18 month training result at 1-2X/week.


    Foot and ankle pain gone.

  7 month result at 1X/week. 

Improved spine stability when walking for 68 year old client.

Back pain almost gone in 3 weeks of training 3X/week. More to go.

Back and hip pain gone.

18 Session gait result at 1X/week.

Hip restriction and back pain gone.

7 Session gait result



     Knee, foot, lower back, 

       and shoulder pain gone.



       2 year gait progress.


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